All of our products except the AquaJet come with either flat rate or free shipping. However the AQUAJET shipping charges will be billed separately. The AquaJet is shipped in 4 ft. sections. Because the package is over sized the postal charges are based on what zone you live in and the weight of the package. Because the weight and zone vary by each package the price varies,so in order to keep shipping charges to a minimum your AquaJet package will be weighed and calculated after you order. After the price of shipping is calculated You will be sent a pay pal request for the shipping charges on the AquaJet only. This will keep the shipping charges to a minimum . If you have any questions about the shipping you can email or call us. 




 AquaJet In Raised Bed Gardens

To install The AquaJet in a raised bed garden the first thing you will need is a 150 mesh filter to keep debris from traveling through the line and clogging the jets. In order for the water to drain from the AquaJet you will need an anti-siphon valve (back flow preventer). You can use a timer or water manually both methods are acceptable with the AquaJet. If you use a hose to hook up to the AquaJet then we recommend a 3/4 in hose. 50 psi and above are recommended to run the AquaJet. The length of run will depend on your water pressure and size of feed line.

GT2 Shipping Information            The shipping of the Garden Tower 2 will be billed seperatly. After you order you will receive a pay request for the GT2 for $38.00. The tower will ship from the factory and the price is the same for the 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii where you will pay a little more.

The shipping of the AquaJet (GT2) kit that goes in the GT2 Tower will be billed when you check out of the store.

If you have any questions on shipping you can call Intelligent Irrigation LLC at 562-340-3951


How Shipping is Calculated


How to Place Special Orders

You can have the AquaJet shipped in 10 foot lengths. It would be classified as freight and would be shipped via truck line. 

You can order one sided spray AquaJet. You can do this when you check out of the store. Just write it in special instructions or if you order by  phone     562-340-3951.

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