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Installing one AquaJet in a Raised Bed
You install one AquaJet right down the middle of your raised bed.


Installing two AquaJets in a raised bed
You install two AquaJets equal distance from the edge.

Installing AquaJet in turf

You install the AquaJet in a grid formation. Each zone will have it's own grid. You can calculate the amount of material needed with this formula.




Intelligent Irrigation LLC

Saves Water and Improves Growth

Being in the subsurface and with it's aeration capability the AquaJet saves water and improves your growth.

Delivery System

The AquaJet is a delivery system that can deliver air, water and nutrients through the system and into the root zone. With a 150 mesh filter to keep debris out, along with an anti siphon valve to allow the air in after each watering cycle. You now have the ability to feed nutrients into the root zone through the AquaJet . With the AquaJet you will grow stronger turf and more nutritous vegetables.

aquajet add on's


Partnered with the aquajet these devices will enhance your growth.


With these cool additions you can now take your expierience with the AquaJet to new can find these products on the ordering tab.:

  • Azomite with over 70 trace minerals
  • BioBlast liquid nutrient & B vitamins
  • Biochar in pelletized form
  • Bountea Compost Tea Kit with Aerator
  • Garden Grow or Green Knight dechlorinator filter
  • Strong nutrient injectors
  • 150 mesh inline Filter

We hope you take advantage of the AquaJet's delivery capabilities by using these or other liquid nutrients.