Tools needed for the GT2 installation      Download the instructions for the GT2 by clicking the button above.  The tools you will need for the installation are

1. Wire Cutters or similar to cut the notches in the compost cones.

2. Drill

3. 5/8 drill bit to drill hole for feed line

You can get the drill bit at home depot or lowes.Type your paragraph here.

Formula to measure your lawn to find out how much AquaJet you will need..

Measure the length and width of your lawn or planter. Multiply the length by the width take that number and divide by 3 and that will tell you how much AquaJet material is needed. You can us 8 foot sections or 10 foot sections. The AquaJet lines connect together with the AquaJet Coupler. You will have an adapter at the begining and end of each line. So take the number of AquaJet lines and multiply by 2 and that is how many Adapters you will need. An Aquajet coupler will connect each section so now you can figure how many couplers you will need. If you have any questions or need help figuring out how much material just email us your measurements and we will figure it for you.

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How many zones should I use in my yard.

The AquaJet is a pressurized system. Dividing your yard up into zones is how you keep the pressure at a level for the AquaJet to perform. Your size of zone will depend on how much water pressure you have and the size of feed line. The amount of AquaJet in a zone will be between 60 and 120 feet of AquaJet material for residential lawns. Sports fields will have longer runs because they will have a larger feed line. You will probably end up with more zones than your typical sprinkler installation. That will depend on the size of your lawn. For further information on lawns and sports fields please call 562-340-3951