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  Another satisfied AquaJet customer saving water and growing the Greenest Lawn on the Block. 

Home Owner in Whittier Ca. installs the AquaJet in front & Back yards to Save Water and Save their lawn

adapters & couplers

The Adapter is for connecting PVC to the AquaJet. The coupler is for connecting the AquaJet together

November of 2014 The AquaJet is installed

A home owner in El Segundo was looking for a way to save water. He found out about the AquaJet online and started to gain interest in the system. He decided it was the best way to conserve water and eliminate all of his water run off. He now has the AquaJet is his front, Middle and back yards also his raised bed garden and his fruit trees and planters. He is watering for one minute a day every other day for his front lawn. He is conserving water and growing a healthy lawn, garden and trees. You do not have to remove your lawn to conserve water all you have to do is use the AquaJet



home owner in el segundo installs aquajet in both front and back yards to conserve water

The AquaJet in the News

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You can purchase the AquaJet by the foot. We will ship in 4 ft sections

WELCOME! AquaJet Subsurface irrigation system


Intelligent Irrigation LLC manufacturers of the aquajet irrigation delivery system for lawns, raised bed gardens, tree's. This is a subsurface irrigation system that will conserve water and out perform drip irrigation systems.


Established in 2012 Intelligent Irrigation LLC is the manufacturer of the AquaJet a  Subsurface Pressurized Irrigation system. If you want to conserve water, eliminate waste and still grow a beautiful lawn & bigger better vegetables then Intelligent Irrigation LLC is here to help you succeed. 

The AquaJet irrigation system was designed to save water and improve your growth. The AquaJet Irrigation system is more than a watering system it is a delivery system that delivers air, water and nutrients into the root zone. The AquaJet is installed 3 to 4 inches under the surface and has a parallel spray every 12 inches the water will bore a hole and reach out and then the waters capillary action will cause it to spread giving you total watering uniformity. After every watering cycle the water will drain from the system due to the anti-siphon valve and will drain down to the bottom hole and then the next time the watering cycle comes on all the air gets pushed into the root zone this will happen  before every watering cycle,  this will promote a thicker root mass and a better environment in the soil for the beneficial microbes. .


The AquaJet was installed in Whittier Ca. to save water and save the lawn. Californian's are being urged  to remove their lawn to save water. The AquaJet offers a solution to those who want to conserve water and keep their nice green lawn just like Gayle did in Whittier. This home owner is only watering for 3 minutes a week and keeping the lawn Green




Shipping Length and charges

The AquaJet ships in 4 ft. sections unless otherwise noted by special order. If you have special shipping instructions then you can write them when you go through the payment process , The shipping charges....

Intelligent Irrigation LLC


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